The RAF Akrotiri Museum Has now been relocated inside St Paul's Church opposite the Astra Cinema. This was largely due to the expansion of exhibits and a quieter environment. Pictures coming soon.

If you have anything that you think might be of interest then please contact Bill Cundall 00357 99067712 during working hours.

THE original RAF Akrotiri Museum officially opened its doors on May 19 2007. Now relocated as below, It was formally opened by Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Beavis, a former Group Captain Flying at Akrotiri. Sir Michael spoke fondly of the Akrotiri of old; he then praised the way that present day Ak­rotiri operates with constantakro museum.jpg (168879 bytes) flexibility for the current operations. The opening ceremony was attended by Commander British Forces Air-Vice Marshal Lacey, Commander Western Sovereign Base Area Group Captain Bairsto, and representative members of both the Aircrew and RAF Associations, as well as serving members of RAF Akrotiri.

The museum charts the history of the Station from its infancy in July 1955 when the first 30 personnel were posted to the dry, dusty scrubland of the Ak­rotiri Peninsula, through the heady days when the roar of Vulcans and Lightnings echoed overhead, to what's happening at the Station now.

Unlike other RAF Stations, Akrotiri has probably had a much more colour full past than most and as such it was felt that its history had to be displayed. Now the mu­seum will serve to provide a focal point both as a reminder to the numerous visi­tors the Station receives and to enable resident personnel to see both what the unit was and what it has become.

The museum is still in its early days and as such the displays will continue to de­velop over time, as such the museum cu­rator is always on the lookout for further information, photos and artefacts. Additionally, the museum is also interested in the history of the other British military establishments on the island with a view . to displaying smaller exhibitions about those establishments.

The museum was located in the HQ WSBA Building, easily seen by the grey Wessex helicopter outside. 

Report by CJ King

Did you serve with The RAF in Cyprus?
We need Your Help!

1. We are looking for any photos, stories and historical items that you would be willing to let us use. Additionally, any photos that you wish to keep if you can send electronic copies or the original that we will make copies off and return to you. 

2. The current plan of displays for the museum is listed below, of which I am hoping you could be of assistance:

a. RAF Nicosia and the humble beginnings of RAF Akrotiri. There seems to be little information about RAF Nicosia that can be found in the normal locations. Any information on RAF Nicosia especially during the early 1950s would be greatly appreciated 

b. 1956-1973 - The Big 'A'. This will be further broken down in to topics of Sqns, aircraft types, The Princess Margaret Hospital, V-Force and the station development during this period. I am looking for any memorabilia during this period, stories, photos etc. 

c. 1974 - Turkish Invasion, Operation GRANBY and Operation TELIC. Again any memorabilia during this period, stories, photos etc.

3. If you have anything that we could use please contact me. Thank you in anticipation.

e-mail bill@rafakrotiri.co.uk