I have just self-published a new book on Cyprus, which is now on sale at The HIVE, RAF Akrotiri (as well as in Dhekelia and Episkopi): it is called:

 'Who was Sapper Brown? 

Remembering British military burials in Cyprus', aiming to raise funds for the upkeep of the graves of our servicemen and women in Cyprus. I would like to recommend it to you, for I feel sure you would enjoy reading it.

I hope you get the chance to buy the book for yourself soon, as it has plenty of information in it, about the history of the British Forces in Cyprus, as well as on the RAF (including the Dambusters grave in Dhekelia).

The book is priced in sterling, at £14, with the euro price of 20 euros in  Cyprus and EU.

Ren Lang, in Dhekelia, who helped me put both books together, will be taking copies up shortly to Rev Tyrrell, Dean at St Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Nicosia, for distribution to the Voluntary Cemetery Committees, so they can raise funds for their marvellous work through this.


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