208 Sqdn

Those who served with 208 Squadron are welcome to submit pictures and stories.

davegill01.jpg (226077 bytes) This is "battle flight" scrambling, passing a Meteor and Canberra on the end of the runway. Dave Gill. david@gilldavid1.orangehome.co.uk
The photos below were sent in by David Crawford who served with 208 at Akrotiri in 1956.
dcrawford1.jpg (60399 bytes)

208 was the first operational Sqdn at Akrotiri, we were flying meteors and arrived early 1956 and were sent back to Malta to allow for the build up for the Suez campaign, I was an armourer on the Sqdn.

208 Sqdn history page has it wrong as they say they went Nicosia but I know we sailed from the grand harbour to Limassol and I never served in Nicosia. We were stationed in a a compound on the south end o the runway, we had been due to go to Akrotiri from Egypt at the end of 1955 but the runway wasn't completed so we were diverted to Malta. The photo is of me at the Sqdn armoury. alfred.crawford@btinternet.com